Complete Training provides a variety of services of your choosing. Please read below to see what type of training you feel best suits you and email us to set up a Free Consultation session. During this free consultation session, we will then help direct you into the proper direction to start your journey.

Complete Flow
Complete Training has designed a training program that targets the average individual. We call it “The Lifeguard On Duty Program”. During your workout hour, you will have professional eyes on you at all times making sure that you are completing your workouts with proper technique and pace. We will not let you drown in our community pool! There will be trainers present for you to ask questions and gain greater insight on what you are doing during your training session and why. Whether your goals are to become stronger or lose weight, our Complete Flow program will help you succeed in both areas. Before committing to your program, we take you through 4 private training sessions to ensure that you will be prepared and knowledgeable before starting your training program. We have 3 different programs for you to choose from. Our Intro program, which is our Bronze membership (2 day training sessions per week), our Basic program, which is our Silver membership (3 day training sessions per week), and our Complete program, which is our Gold membership (Unlimited Training sessions per week). All training programs have multiple workout times for you to choose from. Our Complete Flow program will accommodate anyone no matter your fitness level. YOU GO AT YOUR OWN PACE! (Complete Start is your enrollment fee)

Private 1-on-1 Training
Complete Training’s private 1-on-1 training sessions are for the individual who needs that “extra” attention, accountability, and motivation. Unlike our Complete Flow membership, here we can target the exact areas you need help in individually.

Private Training Memberships
Our private Training Memberships are a discounted version of the Private 1-on-1 training section. Here, we focus on each individual client, but in a small group setting. Everyone within the training hour will have their own individual programs set to their own fitness level and goals. It is not your traditional small group training session unless everyone within the hour has the same goals.

Athletic Training (Private & Memberships)
Our athletic training program is geared toward any athlete willing to find what it takes to make it to the next level. Complete Training has helped prepare student athletes with the tools needed for the collegiate level. Our training program is a sport specific program. We focus on the areas the athletes need in order to help them become bigger, faster, and stronger. We have a variety of strength, plyometric, and speed and agility programs we offer to help ensure the athlete is prepared for the next level. (we offer training programs both individually and small group athletic training memberships)

We offer Tumbling private lessons. Our tumbling instructors are technically sound. They are motivated and passionate about teaching the acquired skills to each athlete in a fun and safe manner. Not only does the athlete need flexibility, but they need the strength to be able to operate that skill properly! So along with tumble instructing, they will receive proper instruction on how the body works in order to complete the skill at hand. (You will not need to perform a Free Consultation Session for Tumbling)

Vibe Cardio Dance Class
Have you done Zumba? Well our “VIBE” cardio dance class is a fun way to burn some calories to some loud and fun music! Here, you will be able to let loose and get boogey with your friends and other women who love to dance and have fun! The steps in this class are designed so that you have more fun dancing and burning calories than learning the moves!


Gym Rental (Birthdays, Events..etc)

Complete Training is now offering rental services of our state of the art facility for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Reunions...and much more! If you would like more information regarding this opportunity, please reach out to us for pricing and availability.

Our Location

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MON-FRI 6-11 & 3-7, SAT 9-10 (personal training times may differ depending on client and trainer schedule )


Feel Free to leave us with any comments or questions and we will be happy to answer.